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Smart Community

Why own APP?

Apart from digitalize your service to serve customer 24/7, APP empowers you:


Full Control

Promote your brand with your own way



Sustain regular customers' loyalty

Product Display

Product Display

Display products orderly

New Habit

New Habit

People are inseparable from mobile phones

Smart City, Smart Community

Sell to local people first, take care of your local community.
Boost your local business activities, maintain local economy during pandemic & post-covid era.

Local e-Commerce

Provide direct service to serve locals. Sell & earn with your own app instead of being charged by third-party platforms.

Local Delivery

Use on-demand delivery service provided by locals, hand products to customers fast.

Digitalize the City

Engage with "Mobile Branch" solution to assist traditional business owners to manage online activities.

Link the Community

Linking all businesses for retails & service line via local events, boost sales together.

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